Watermelon Bhakri/Flatbread on a plate

Watermelon Rind Bhakri Recipe for you

Its summer time and there are lots of watermelon around. It’s a summer favorite fruit of the kids and elders too. Usually we prepare many delicacies using this fruit from salads to juices and throw away the rinds. These watermelon rinds are supposed to have numerous nutritional benefits. So here is one recipe to keep in mind during your next pick for watermelon. Here is the simple easy to prepare bhakri using watermelon rinds.

Only the white part of rind should be used for grinding. If the green part or outermost skin is used, the bhakri tends to become bitter.

The watermelon rind dosa uses a part of the watermelon that would otherwise be discarded — the white part that is not as sweet as the pink although not as tough as the green skin. But that white part is rather edible, and even better, it is packed with several vitamins. Why waste it?

This is a natural recipe for summer, because who doesn’t love biting into this incredibly juicy fruit in these sweltering temperatures? All you need to do is save the white portion and then blend it up with some sooji and a couple of other ingredients. The bhakri itself has the refreshing, unmistakable flavor of watermelon and is quite addictive.

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